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Address: Room 1613 Trend Centre, 29-31 Cheung Lee Street, Chai Wan Hong Kong.

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東成建築裝飾有限公司 (玻璃及石材)

Dong Shing Construction & Decoration Ltd.






文字方塊: 本公成立超過二十年, 經營各種玻璃系列, 如藝術玻璃, 鋼化玻璃, 熱彎玻璃, 熱熔玻璃, 及普通玻璃系列等
我們亦經營和出口各種石材系列和石材雕刻, 如花崗岩, 大理石, 雲石。

本公司承辦各種玻璃工程, 石材工程, 清拆工程。

本公司對產品的質量要求嚴謹, 承詻為顧客提供優質的產品和服務. 而且產品價格合理, 信譽優良, 忠誠可靠, 是良好的商業合作伙伴。

本公司亦分別於 2009 , 2010, 及2013年度在香港貿發局的香港國際建築及五金展中設置石材和玻璃展覽。

本公司在中國內地福建自設廠房生產花崗岩, 大理石, 雲石及玻璃制品。按照客人要求訂做各類型尺寸











































文字方塊: Dong Shing Construction & Decoration has outstanding experience in stone, marble, granite, and glass, construction material supply. We offer number of different product for customer to make a selection with and offer a competitive pricing。

Dong Shing Construction & Decoration Organization has own the factory at Fu Jian China, it offers a quality stone, glass, marble and granite as well as provide a customer made service.   

In addition, we also focus on renovation, improvement project, and new property as well as cooperate or joint venture 。

With commitment to the product quality and service, we always concern customer need and built a relationship。

In 2009, 2010 and 2013, it helps the exhibition in Hong Kong International Building and Hardware Fair。

Dong Shing Organization is an outstanding partner to collaborate with the project and trading business。

We look forward to receive your enquiry and comment about our update product。















































































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